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Marine Olie - Netherlands - Fats & Oils

Bio Heating Oil (BHO)

Existing already for decades, The last years demand for renewable energy has seen a tremendous increase. This already for many years existing industry have seen a tremendous increase for renewable energy over the last years. The use of the bio heating oil, to generating district heating, is a direct alternative for the use of natural gas or mineral oils and therefore is an 100% green energy solution. Otherwise difficult to be used by- products, now enable us a perfect use, leading to a large CO2 reduction.

Safety & quality

are the basis for the actual sustainability of the BHO’s, as the reduction of the CO2 greatly depends of the origin and quality of the input. As a result the logistic network and storage facilities are crucial, to optimize the yield. Another important aspect is the actual product quality, since BHO’s are mostly being directly burned, quality control assures that the exhaust gasses of this process cause no harm to the environment.

Our role

is crucial in this process, optimizing logistic movement of the by – products as well as assuring adequate separation and supply of the specific required qualities.

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