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Marine Olie - Netherlands - Fats & Oils

Biomass industry

The actual appearance of this industry goes back to the early 00’s. In the last decade production and use has seen a tremendous increase due to a variety of subsidies / regulations and new technological opportunities worldwide.


The first generation biodiesel, produced from edible grade feedstock, faces both ethical as well as ecological problems(,) due to use of crops, which are a main source for food production in the world, as well as de-forestation of tropical rainforest to keep up with the increasing global demand.

The second generation biodiesel is nowadays also produced on large scale, allowing a sustainable solution for different by – products, as well as waste. Technology allows new processing methods and the use of more complicated low grade feed stock. This next generation biofuel can be used directly as well as blended with the traditional fuels.

Biogas / energy

A sustainable solution for all different kind of oil and fat waste products, such as tank bottoms / grease trap fats / glycerin and restaurant waste. The digestion of these components produce a 100% green gas.  Due to the relative high energy value of these products, the use of this mixture of waste products as a feedstock for biogas production is a profound way.

Safety & quality

Safety & quality are very important, as the sustainable alternatives for the earth’ s fossil resources are being used on a very large scale in the production processes, whereas the quality of the feedstock is crucial for the process and the final residues afterwards.

Our role

Providing logistic solutions, in the first place to ensure that producers of waste – or by products can keep processing, thus managing 24/7 collections. Next phase is to supply the tested materials in accordance with buyers specifications.

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