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Marine Olie - Netherlands - Fats & Oils

In business for the next generation

Marine Olie Handelmij. B.V. ( MOH ) was founded in 1967 as a trading company in marine oils, but over time the trading activities diverted to the vegetable side.


In the mid 70’s the acquisition of Marine Olie Tank Terminal B.V. (M.O.T.T.) in Wormer as a storage and production facility was completed, giving a strategic advantage enabling the customized blends.

Since the early days of the 21st century quality and safety became the new benchmark in the animal feed sector, quickly followed by a variety of sustainability and environmental developments, which enabled MOH to evolve and grow amongst these new standards.

Nowadays a worldwide network with strategic partnerships, allows the organization to minimize the risks and guarantee safety and flexibility for all their products, in a sustainable way, conserving the earth for the next generation.

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