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Marine Olie - Netherlands - Fats & Oils


Oleo chemical industry

Producing a variety of semi-finished products, the so called fat deratives. The production volumes have seen a large increase over the past decade, as well as demand for sustainable raw materials, such as acid oils.

Paper / de-inking industry

Producing and recycling paper in a continuous process, where the recycling reduces the environmental pressure.

Cosmetic industry

Dates all the way back to ancient Egypt, but over time transformed into multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. This expansion has led to the use of thousands of very specific products for all different kind of uses, in which the oils and fats play an important role.

Safety & quality

Safety & quality are up to the highest possible standards, as the high-end finished consumer goods need to meet all the health and safety regulations for safe use. Therefor only the top quality products can be used.

Our role

Our role is to select matching raw materials from our portfolio, meeting the high quality standards from the different industries.

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