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Marine Olie - Netherlands - Fats & Oils

Rapeseed oil products

The plant with it’ s characteristic yellow flowers in the early spring time, is mainly produced in China / Canada and India (75% of the worlds production). The cold pressed oil is only 8% of the harvest results, however the fibers of the seeds are used in animal feed to give these a boost of vitamins / minerals / proteins and unsatured fats.

Crude rapeseed oil

Crude rapeseed oil comes from the pressing of the rapeseeds. The fact this is a very liquid material even at low temperatures, makes it a very good feedstock for the biodiesel production, apart from the use in the food as salad dressing.

Rapeseed acid oils / fatty acids

Rapeseed acid oils / fatty acids is a by – product from the neutralization process of the rapeseed oil. The high oleic content (C18-1) make this a valuable component in the animal feed industries, as well as use in the HVO biodiesel production.

Rapeseed distillate

Rapeseed distillate is a by – product from the physical refining of the crude oil. As a product with very low melting point this material is very useful in the biodiesel / HVO production process.