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Marine Olie - Netherlands - Fats & Oils

Palm oil products

The largest vegetable oil and also the most controversial, as the increased demand for it, for both food and energy purposes has led to large scale de-forestation in Malaysia and Indonesia.

As a results new sustainability systems have risen such as Round Table Sustainable Palm oil (RSPO), creating a balance between the still increasing demand and the distress caused by this, on the flora and fauna.

The producing countries have seen a positive effect as well on social development such as employment / human rights and infrastructure.

Crude palm oil ( CPO )

Crude palm oil ( CPO ) comes from the crushing and degumming process of the palm fruits. This product is usually traded as a max 5% free fatty acids (FFA) product into the animal feed industry, as well as the biodiesel production, where the sustainability of the growing and harvesting process is very important.

Refined palm oil

Refined palm oil comes from  chemical or physical refining of the crude palm oil. This material is mostly used in the food industry as well as a feedstock for the dairy industry.

Palm fatty acid distillate ( PFAD )

Palm fatty acid distillate ( PFAD ) is a by – product from physical refining of the crude palm oil, a high FFA (typical >85-95%) component used for calcium soaps / pig feed industry / and also in the oleo chemical industry.

Palm acid oils ( PAO )

Palm acid oils ( PAO ) is a by – product from the chemical refining process of the crude palm oil. The material is mainly used in feedstock blends for pigs and cattle.

Palm oil mill effluent ( POME )

Palm oil mill effluent ( POME ) is a regenerated blend of crude palm oil / and PFAD after the washing process of the fruits, making this a good alternative to the fossil fuel, using this as a component for bio heating oil or even processing it into a 2nd generation bio diesel.